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Interested in Icaria or the Icarians? Please visit the Web sites of our sister organizations listed below.

Nauvoo Historical Society
Organized in 1953, the Society works to promote and preserve all aspects of Nauvoo's history.
Baxter Winery in Nauvoo
Founded by Emile Baxter in 1857, the family-owned Baxter Winery continues wine-making traditions.
Center For Icarian Studies
Western Illinois University's Library archives papers and records of Icarians in Nauvoo.
Les Icariens by Robert Sutton
Sutton's study of Icaria explores the movement from Europe and America, putting it into context."
National Icarian Heritage Society
The NIHS is a national organization dedicated to preserving Icarian history.
French Icarian Colony Foundation
A colony of Icarians lived near Corning Iowa, and their history is preserved by this foundation.
Nauvoo Tourism: Icaria
The Nauvoo IL Tourism Office describes the time of the Icarians in Nauvoo.
Wikipedia: Icarians
This Wikipedia entry gives a brief history of the Icarians.
NIHS Obituary for Founder Lillian Snyder
Lillian Snyder was a founder of the Icarian Heritage Society.
WIU Obituary for Robert Sutton, Icarian Scholar
Robert Sutton, professor at WIU, was a enthusiastic scholar of Icaria.
Etienne Cabet

Etienne Cabet, Founder of the Icarian Society

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